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This is Forever Free's Penny Lane.  Penny is an 12 year old Clydesdale/Standardbred cross and stands 15.2.  We bought her from Babb-Murphy Sporthorses of Gays Mill, Wisconsin in November 2004. 
She is a typical mare with a strong work ethic and energy.  She will jump if it's made worth her while.  Anything too low and she'll just go through it.  Penny has been exceptionally trained and has perfect ground manners.  She responds to both verbal and physical commands and is very well behaved for both the vet and farrier.
Penny is barefoot and will never need to be shod due to her excellent hoof quality & strength.  She goes nicely in a french-link snaffle, comes into the bit and engages her hindquarters willingly.  Both her trot and canter are quite comfortable.
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Next is Forever Free's Tank O'My Heart.  Tank is a 16 year old grade Percheron mare.  She stands 17.3 hands and weighs approximately 2,000 pounds.  Tank is a very affectionate, smart and loving mare.
Tank has been well trained and is a comfortable ride.  She responds to both verbal and physical commands, willingly stands and picks up her feet (usually before you ask for it) and is good for the vet & farrier.  Due to her height and size, she is not for the pettite rider, though.  Tank goes comfortably in an English hackamore, so is never bitted.  She, like Penny, is barefoot--having never needed shoes.  Tank goes well in all three gaits but does not jump.  Although some may be intimidated by her size, she is very good for the beginning rider.


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