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What is Forever Free Farm and What Makes It Different?
Forever Free Farm is a Christian-based horsemanship academy for  adults (19 to whenever!).  It is our desire to serve the Lord while meeting the riding and educational needs of our students.  While it is still a dream, our goal is to purchase property within the next year and begin adding to our horse family, choosing a variety of horses that will be safe for our students. 
The program is a six-month, intensive training program, taking in students and teaching them as much of solid, basic, good  horsemanship as possible.  Studies include, but are not limited to:   equine anatomy, hoof care/trimming/physiology, basic veterinary skills, equine conformation, feeding/nutrition, grooming, tack care and barn/pasture management, as well as riding (English only).
Each student will be assigned a different horse every 30 days.  During that month, the horse is "theirs" and all care will be administered by the student.  At the end of the 30 days, they will switch horses.
Course work includes required reading, practical skills testing, oral quizzes and written exams.  Badges are earned and the student moves up as each skills level is passed.  Once the program is completed, the student will receive their Horsemanship Certificate.
Why only adults?  Because we realized that many adults dreamed of riding and learning about horses as children but, for whatever reason, did not have that opportunity.  At FFF we desire to  provide that education in an environment where anyone can feel comfortable being around others who share their love for horses and learning, without feeling awkward or intimated around children.  While plenty of lesson barns offer adult-beginner lessons, we've yet to find a barn that teaches adults exclusively or offers more than just riding lessons.  We may make an exception for an older teen (15-18) after an interview.
Are you a "show barn?"  No.  No student will participate in a show during their training.  FFF's program is designed to lay a solid foundation for future, safe horse ownership.  We will encourage our students who wish to further their riding education to move on to a professional trainer who can guide and lead them as far as they wish to go in the horse world.  Students may wear what they desire for riding/barn work, as long as they abide by the dress and safety codes.
Do you offer boarding or leasing?  No.  All horses are owned by FFF and are on site for student use only.  There may be the occasional rescue or rehab horse taken in as a teaching project, with the desire to either add him/her to the school roster or to adopt out.  School horses will be wholly-owned by FFF and are not available for leasing or share-boarding.
Is it all serious stuff?  Definitely not!  As the old saying (sort of) goes:  "All work and no play, makes anyone dull."  Trail rides, games, contests and parties are interwoven into the fabric of education.  A relaxed, happy person means a happy horse!

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