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A great place to ride in Paulding County!
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SCT Cyclists & Equestrians -- How We Can Co-Exist Safely

...A Public Service Announcement

Cyclists – Horses are “prey” animals and have a natural, often uncontrollable instinct to react to something coming up from behind, or directly at them by “spooking.” This reaction may include spinning, rearing, side stepping or even kicking out….all of which can be dangerous to the horse, the rider and/or you & your bike! So the second you see a horse, immediately let a rider know you’re coming with an “ON YOUR LEFT!” loud enough for the rider to hear. Then slow down as you pass the rider. Whenever possible & safe, pass with a wide margin.

Note: For the most part, horseback riders can safely stay within the tree-lined area of the trail. However, some parts are too narrow for the horse to safely negotiate, have a severe drop off, downed-trees, a mile-marker sign, water/mud that a horse will not go through, or the rider may be crossing a bridge or tunnel. Therefore, there may be times when you will come upon a horse/rider near or on the trail. Again, just let the rider know you are there and pass slowly.

If you are stopped on the side resting and a horse/rider passes you, please do not approach to pet the horse without asking permission.  The rider may be training their horse and can’t stop or would prefer to keep a distance from you for their personal safety if riding alone…especially in light of the unfortunate incidents of late.

If you are biking with your children, instruct them to stop their bike and wait as the horse passes. Children often become enamored with the horse and forget to watch where they’re going. Same rule for kids petting horses…just ask.

Equestrians - Horseback riders should ride in a straight line on the right since there is insufficient room to ride abreast safely.

If you come upon another horseback rider and wish to pass, please ask “May I pass?” and wait for the other rider to acknowledge you/give permission. Pass as widely as possible or, if the path is open, cross to the other side of the trail to pass before returning to the right to avoid the possibility of either horse kicking/being kicked.

IMPORTANT! If your horse is a known kicker, you have the responsibility to tie a Red Ribbon in his/her tail to warn approaching riders. Because there are a lot of people, animals, and other distractions on the Silver Comet, you may want to ride a horse that is not prone to kick.

Please do not ride on the concrete part of the Silver Comet whenever possible. The concrete path is for cyclists, walkers, etc. Should you have to be on the concrete, stay as far right as possible and go only at a walk. Dismount for bridges and tunnels.

If you horse poops on the concrete path, please dismount immediately and remove it. If you cannot dismount/mount from the ground, consider purchasing a Bun Bag that attaches to your saddle to catch the manure for later disposal.

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